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 Vertical and Reaching

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Sibyl of the Children
Sibyl of the Children

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Name: Amoran Kalamanira Kol
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PostSubject: Vertical and Reaching   Fri Mar 12, 2010 4:13 pm

I had not noticed such a phenomenon before, perhaps because you do not always analyze a home. You merely live within it and enjoy it's gifts.

However.. the structures in Loreroot face the sun. They gaze upward, much like the face at War Hold, and the Tower which reminds me of an arrow directly pointing upward, and even the Totem, who's arms spread outward as though praying hands held to the sky.
Even the Wasps Altar displays an arc made of vines holding a symbol that reminds me of the sun... it glows faintly.

I have to wonder.. if the sun is always present, and plants feed off of it's energy and photosynthesize... does our land have more to do with the sun than we realize?
Trista Morris: We are connected to Golemus, which has often been spoken of as a land of the sun...

Tis merely something to think about. Merely a wee theory among many disagreeable ones.

-Amoran K Kol

I have written this on a clickable in the Oak Tower, what are your thoughts about it?
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PostSubject: Re: Vertical and Reaching   Fri Mar 12, 2010 5:13 pm

I was thinking of this always-up sun phenomen to some degree, so let me share few thoughts of it, altrough they are not lands orientated.

It is very well true that flora does need sun to succesfuly grow etc. but this everlasting-sun just seems a bit to much. Plants also need night/dark to rest. Same goes with animals. Luckly there is raining once in a while and thus providing at least a little bit of confort to those who walk around to find a shade for themself but is that realy enaugh? When did we lastly look at the tops of the trees? Did any of you maybe noticed a slight yellow tarnishing the greens.
What will happend to the land if this sun-shining (not that I complain about it) keeps on? Would it transform the vegetation of the entire land eventualy?

Not to mention that we are CoE, worshipers of the Moon, and yet, the sun is constantly taking away her time of the days, preventing her to show hers full beauty.

With all this in mind, is sun realy our "friend" or it should be rather considered as the "enemy" as it seems that it wants to burn down just everything bellow?

I would dare-say that the land we call home has as much to do with day as it has with night, regardles of the symbols you speak of, Amoran. Loreroot is full of plants and animals, what would the forrest be without its flora and fauna?
It is true, structures in Loreroot do seem to stretch upwards, but is it realy the sun they are streetching towards? I mean, yes, it is sun up there now, but there are also other things, not just sun. Maybe the stroctures represent a plea to sun, to let some night-fall? And on other hand, does not seem that the trees around are spreading its richness in leafs around as to shield the land bellow and grant it at least some protection before the sun? Combining both we get ballance, and in my very honest opinion, Loreroot should represent just that, ballance and cyclinity (amongs others).

This is just my humble thinking on the matter.
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Vertical and Reaching
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